Interval Training Boot Camp (NEW)

Program Description

"Accomplish in just 30 minutes what you would in 1 hour"

A workout you can fit into your Friday lunch hour.  Kick start your weekend with this short and intense workout.  Using intervals; short bursts of hard work followed by periods of easy work/recovery, you will get the most out of your thirty (30) minutes.

This is for all fitness levels and can be modified to the intensity you need.  This is a great class for anyone looking to jump start their fitness or to add to a current workout plan.  Instructor:  Heather Dowling. 

        Age:  16 years old and up
        Time: 11:30am - Noon
        Location:  Eastside Enhancement Center - Dewitt Fitness Room

Contact us at 804-732-1100 for program details including; session dates, times, and cost.
Spaces are limited so register today!

Program Information