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Document/Deed Request Form

  1. Instructions and Procedures for requesting a document

    1. Fill out and submit the following form online. The more information you give on the form the easier it will be for the Clerk to locate the requested documents.
    2. Once the form has been submitted a Clerk will locate your document and email you an invoice for the payment of the required fees. The fees are $.50/page, $2.00 certificate fee per document, a $5.00 email fee per document and a 4% credit card fee.
    3. You will receive the email invoice the same business day if your request is made before 3:30pm. All other requests will be answered the following business day.
    4. After you receive the email invoice, please click on the payment button at the top and you will be directed to a PayPal site for payment. You can pay with any credit card or your PayPal Account. A PayPal account is not required.
    5. After payment has been received the Clerk will email you the requested documents.

  2. For Example (Deed, Deed of Trust, Certificate of Satisfaction, Order, Divorce Decree, Marriage License)

  3. Give an estimated date range if the specific date is unknown

  4. If known

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