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Business License Zoning Compliance Checklist


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. All Applicants
  3. 3. Commercial Business Applicants Only
  4. 4. Office Use Only
  5. 5. Home Occupation Applicants Only
  6. 6. All Applicants - Statements
  7. 7. County Approval
  • Step One

    1. Applicants: Please complete the questionnaire below. The Dinwiddie County Zoning Department will use this information in reviewing zoning requirements for the business. The Zoning Department may require additional information and approval may take up to three business days.

      Dinwiddie County permits two types of home occupations: Type I and Type II. Generally, Type II home occupations are more intense uses and are allowed in fewer areas of the county. Specific requirements for home occupations are described in Dinwiddie Code Section 22-245, a copy of which is provided with this application. The home occupation type(s) permitted in each district are described in the “Permitted Uses” section for the applicable zoning district in Dinwiddie County Code Chapter 22, Zoning, Article IV, District Regulations. The Dinwiddie County Code is available online via a link from the county’s website, or in print at the Dinwiddie County Planning Office.