Order Books

General Information

The court order books have various court proceedings and orders associated with the data range. The Clerk's Office is working to get more court order books conserved and will post online as the come available.

Instructions for View and Searching

  1. Click on the Book link below. The document may a take few minutes to load.
  2. Once the document has loaded you can save them to your computer for future use and viewing without having to download again.
  3. Each books has it own index. The index is located in the front of each document and once you find the name you are searching you can enter the appropriate page number at the top of the page.

Order Book 1789-1791 (PDF)

This is the oldest book in the office and was returned around 1913 to Dinwiddie. It was lifted by a Federal Solider during the Civil War. Roman Number Page II has more information concerning the history of the book.

Judgment Order Book 1842-1846 (PDF)

County Order Book 1858-1863 (PDF)

 There is no name index with this book.

County Order Book 1863-1866 (PDF)

 There is no name index with this book.

Order Book 1A 1855-1879 (PDF)

Order Book 1873-1881 (PDF)

Order Book 2A 1879-1909 (PDF)

Order Book 1881-1889 (PDF)

Order Book 1883-1903 (PDF)

Order Book 1902-1904 (PDF)