Historical Indexes

The following indexes contain a wealth of names from files and cases located in the Dinwiddie Circuit Court that date from 1830 to 2000. The Clerk's Office has been able to electronically convert the the paper indexes into an electronic PDF version.

The first page of each document contains the Cover Page with a Table of Contents that is linked to the corresponding index page. The documents have also been OCR searchable to use the find feature in Adobe. This feature allows the user to search a full or partial name. Note: Some of the pages in the indexes were handwritten and therefore the OCR search feature will not work and you will need to use the Table of Contents on the Cover Page. 

Marriage Indexes 1863 to 2000

The Marriage Index contains the names of persons that applied for a Marriage License from 1863 to 2000 in the Dinwiddie Circuit Court. There are two indexes one indexed by the Male/Groom name and one indexed by Female/Bride name.

Wills and Fiduciaries Index 1830 to 2007

The Will and Fiduciaries Index contains the names of persons that are deceased and have an opened an estate file in the County. This index does not contain every name of a person that have died in the county. The index contains only the names of people who had an estate file opened in the County after their death.

Devisees and Heirs Index 1929 to 2003

The Devisees and Heirs Index contains the names of persons that were heirs or devisees to an estate in Dinwiddie Circuit Court from 1929 to 2003.

Criminal Index 1920 to 2004

The Criminal Index contains the names of defendants and their corresponding case number in criminal proceedings from 1920 to 2004.

Plat Index 1910 - 2010

The Plat Index contains the names of property owners that have a recorded a plat in the plat book between between 1910 and 2010.

Chancery Index 1950-1984

The Chancery Index contains the names of Plaintiffs and Defendants and their corresponding case number for law and chancery cases from 1920 to 2004.