Crater Planning District Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)


Transportation Goals and Objectives for the Tri-Cities Area

The following statement of transportation goals and objectives were developed under the direction of the Tri-Cities Area Transportation MPO and Technical Committee for the purpose of helping to determine the purpose and need for transportation projects listed in the Year 2031 Transportation Plan. These goals and objectives reflect community values and are intended to complement local comprehensive and land development plans. While all of these goals may not be fully achieved with the implementation of the Tri-Cities 2031 Transportation Plan, some movement toward the desired objectives will be realized. The objectives may be considered as relative measures of goal attainment.

Goals: Develop a regional transportation plan which offers alternative travel modes for the safe and efficient movement of people and freight at a reasonable cost. Assure that transportation improvements are compatible with local comprehensive plans, regional economic development activities, and environmental regulations.

Objectives: The major focus of the Commission's Work program is economic, industrial and small business development, reflecting the priorities which have been established by the member localities. Another important work area involves environmental issues, in response to local needs. These include: Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act - local ramifications; air quality standards; and solid waste management. The Commission also addresses regional transportation issues and assists localities in their transportation planning efforts.

  • Commission Makeup/Size: Eleven (11) members Each jurisdiction appoints a representative
  • Meeting Schedule: 2nd Thursday of each month except February & June (4th Thursdays) – 4:30 p.m. prior to CPDC meeting
  • Term:One (1) Year
  • Paid:N/A

Current Membership

  • William D. Chavis
    • Term Expires 9/30/2023

Dennis K. Morris
Executive Director Crater Planning District
P.O. Box 1808
Petersburg, VA 23805