Athletic Special Requests

Athletic Special Requests

Thank you for enrolling your child / children in Dinwiddie Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Programs! 

Our goal is to provide a positive experience for you and your family. Due to the high number of ride share and practice day requests we receive each season, we are asking if you have a special requests to please send it to

All requests sent here will be documented and evaluated for approval. We ask that you please follow these guidelines when making a request. Requests can be made for the following: 

1) Any siblings that need to be on the same age group team

2) Any ride share / car pooling needs due to medical issues

3) Any specific practice day requests due to scheduling conflicts

4) We will NOT accept requests for specific coaches; however, we will honor requests to not have a specific coach

Due to the high enrollment of programs and the need for multiple fields, different age groups will be practicing / playing at different locations. It is possible that siblings in different age groups might have a practice and/or game at the same time in different locations. 

All requests are to be sent to email no later that 24 hours before the draft of the teams in conducted. Once the teams are formed, there will be no changing of teams unless there was something overlooked by the Recreation Department. All requests will be reviewed, but please be mindful that they are requests.