Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Update

Comprehensive planning is the process by which a county participates in and prepares for the future uses of its land. A Comprehensive Plan is defined as an official public document adopted by the Board of Supervisors as a policy guide to decisions about the physical development of the County.

Plan Update Process

Dinwiddie County encourages the participation and input from the citizenry in development of each Comprehensive Plan Update. The Planning Commission prepares and recommends a Comprehensive Plan in collaboration with the Planning Director and citizen engagement groups. In the process of preparing a Comprehensive Plan, certain basic steps are normally followed.

These steps are:

  • Formulating Goals and Objectives
  • Analyzing the Background Data
  • Developing the Alternatives
  • Plan Formulation
  • Plan Adoption
  • Plan Implementation
  • Continuous Evaluation

View the current Comprehensive Land Use Plan (PDF) or find it in the Planning Department office.