Restoration of Driving Privileges

Petition For Restoration of Driving Privilege

You must be eligible to file a Petition for Restoration or Restricted License. To determine if you are eligible to file for restoration or restricted license, please refer to your Division of Motor Vehicles Transcript.

Instructions & Procedure for Restoration of Driving Privilege

  1. Complete the appropriate petition and order setting forth the legal basis for Restoration or Restricted Operator’s license and pay the filing fees of $89 and $24 service fees.
  2. The Clerk will give you a hearing date. The hearing is always set on the Court’s Docket Call day at 9:30am. Docket Call is the third Tuesday of every month.
  3. Service will be performed on the Commonwealth's Attorney and DMV.
    • DMV will forward a copy of your Driving Record to the Court and the Commonwealth's Attorney
  4. An order of evaluation for ASAP will be entered if you have ever been convicted of a DUI.
    • Once the order for evaluation has been entered, a copy will be mailed to you and ASAP. It is your responsibility to contact ASAP to set up the evaluation:
       John Tyler ASAP
       4211 Old Hundred Rd
       Chester, VA 23831
       (804) 796-4281
    • After the evaluation, ASAP will send the court their recommendation
  5. On the hearing date that was given to you, an order will be entered granting or denying your petition
    • Depending on the day and time it could take up to two weeks for the judge to sign the order.

Printing Forms

When using the following PDF forms please print using the print button in the PDF page itself and not the print button in the window above page. Using the print button in PDF itself clears out the gray fields for easier use by the judge and clerks.