Restoration of Driving Privileges

Petition For Restoration of Driving Privilege

You must be eligible to file a Petition for Restoration or Restricted License. To determine if you are eligible to file for restoration or restricted license, please refer to your Division of Motor Vehicles Transcript.

Instructions & Procedure for Restoration of Driving Privilege

  1. Complete the appropriate petition and order setting forth the legal basis for Restoration or Restricted Operator’s license and pay the filing fees of $89 and $24 service fees.
  2. The Clerk will give you a hearing date. The hearing is always set on the Court’s Docket Call day at 9:30am. Docket Call is the third Tuesday of every month.
  3. Service will be performed on the Commonwealth's Attorney and DMV.
    • DMV will forward a copy of your Driving Record to the Court and the Commonwealth's Attorney
  4. An order of evaluation for ASAP will be entered.
    • Once the order for evaluation has been entered, a copy will be mailed to you and ASAP. It is your responsibility to contact ASAP to set up the evaluation:
       John Tyler ASAP
       4211 Old Hundred Rd
       Chester, VA 23831
       (804) 796-4281
    • After the evaluation, ASAP will send the court their recommendation
  5. On the hearing date that was given to you, an order will be entered granting or denying your petition
    • Depending on the day and time it could take up to two weeks for the judge to sign the order.