William D. Chavis


Bill Chavis grew up in Robertson County, North Carolina as a member of the Lumbee Tribe, the largest Native American Tribe east of the Mississippi River. Mr. Chavis attended an all-Indian school and after graduation was drafted into the United States Army. After bravely serving his country, he attended college but decided that his talents were better realized in trade school. Mr. Chavis was trained as a plumber and moved to Virginia in 1975.

After working a variety of jobs, Mr. Chavis made took a leap of faith and opened a beauty salon. Initially he employed stylists but after losing business on a day when several were out with the flu, he decided to take scissors into his own hand and attend cosmetology school. It was there that he met his beautiful wife, Joyce. The two have worked side-by-side for 30 years and together own “Hair Biz” in Petersburg, Virginia.

Through his work, Mr. Chavis is able to talk with lots of people from all over the tri-cities area. He began noting concerns raised by Dinwiddie County residents and took this as his call to action. Three years ago, Bill Chavis ran and was elected to serve the citizens of the 3rd District of Dinwiddie County on the Board of Supervisors.

Bill Chavis is a devout Christian and an active member of Smyrna Baptist Church in Dinwiddie. His faith is evident through his leadership on the Board. He truly believes that God has called him to serve in this capacity and works diligently to lead by example and in the best interest of the citizens of Dinwiddie County.