How do I check the status of my divorce?
Virginia’s Judicial System Case Information shows the status of Dinwiddie County Divorce Cases, including the plaintiffs' and defendants' names, pleadings filed and hearing dates. You will need to select a court, then type your name, and select civil search. If the status of your case shows dismissed you will need to check the pleadings and orders screen to see if your final decree or divorce has been entered. To check the pleadings and orders, check on your case then select the pleadings and orders button at the top. If a final decree of divorce has been entered it should say final order with "Final Decree of Divorce" in the remarks field and the date it was entered. If you have any questions about using this page please call the Clerk’s Office at (804) 469-4540.Judicial System Case Information

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1. How do I check the status of my divorce?