Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act

About the Act

The Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act (VJCCCA) was enacted by the General Assembly effective January 1, 1996, to ensure the imposition of appropriate and just sanctions and to make the most efficient use of correctional resources for those juveniles before intake on complaints or the court on petitions alleging that the juvenile is a child in need of services, child in need of supervision, or delinquent. VJCCCA establishes a community based system of intensive sanctions and services that correspond to the severity of offense and treatment needs.

Public Safety

All VJCCCA programs must promote public safety, hold juveniles accountable for their behaviors (sanctions), or build skills or provide treatment to improve a juveniles’ behavior.


The First Offender’s program and the Diversion Program has been established to provide services to juveniles in a collaborative effort that is coordinated with the VJCCCA Counselor, Court Services, and the schools. Weekly school visits, monthly home visits, and weekly group meetings are part of these programs.

Further Information

For more information, please contact the VJCCCA counselor Joy Marshall at (804) 469-5391.