Restoration of Driving Privilege FAQ’s

How do I determine if I am eligible to file for Restoration?

To determine if you are eligible to file a Petition for Restoration or Restricted License you must obtain a transcript of your driving record from the Division of Motor Vehicles.

 To obtain a current copy of your driving transcript you must contact:

 Division of Motor Vehicles

 1-866-DMV-LINE (1-866-368-5463)

Do I need a Virginia Alchohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) Evaluation?

A VASAP evaluation must be obtained for any person seeking Restoration or a Restricted license if any of the convictions on your driving transcript which led to the suspension of your license were alcohol-related in accordance with §46.2-360(1) and §46.2-391 of the Code of Virginia, as amended.

Information on the Virginia ASAP Program can be accessed through the Commission on Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program.

Where do I file my petition for Restoration?

For third offense DUI, you may file your petition in the city or county you currently reside. For out of state residents, you may file it any circuit court in the Commonwealth of Virginia

If you determine that the appropriate jurisdiction is the Dinwiddie Circuit Court you may appear in person or mail your documents for filing to Dinwiddie Circuit Court.