Special Events

The special event application is required for any organized event of (5) five days or less. This license will allow you to sell your goods and wares in Dinwiddie County on the date(s) and location provided. A new license is required for each event you attend.

The license shall be publicly displayed and made available to any official of the County upon request. There is no fee for the special event license. In the event that mail time is an issue, upon request, we will attempt to deliver the license on the event date. Click on link below for application.

In addition to the special event license, meals tax should be collected by all prepared food vendors. The forms required for this collection and remittance are available upon request. The meals tax will be collected in the amount of (4%) four percent and should be remitted within (5) five days of the event end date. This is a Dinwiddie County local tax, and is different from the State Sales tax.

Important Information for Vendors Filing Admission/Meals Tax (PDF)

Special Event Registration Form (PDF)
Special Event Meals Tax Remittance Form (PDF)
Special Event Admission Tax Remittance Form (PDF)